The Original Boat Noodle Opens In Sunway Pyramid


The Original Boat Noodle has finally opened their doors in Sunway Pyramid on the 25th of May 2017! Located on the first floor at the Blue Atrium, Boat Noodle provides a fresh new decor that’s unlike the rest of their outlets, not forgetting the authentic and lively ambience of Thailand’s street food hustle!


The Original Boat Noodle serves a variety of Thai street food such as Kra-Pow Chicken Rice, Fruit Somtam, and most famously, their boat noodles with two choices of aromatic and flavorful broth- Ayutthaya and Pathumtani.


This latest outlet is the first of its kind to have a different interior than the rest. Walking in, you instantly feel like you’ve stepped into a street bazaar in Thailand with its hanging lights, pavement tiled walkway, and counters with glass windows to allow curious customers to see what goes on behind the scenes. To give the restaurant a genuine feel, you’ll notice two vintage bicycles against the wall. Of course, Boat Noodle’s signature tables and chairs are still maintained, and quite frankly, they go very well with the new interior!


The Original Boat Noodle Sunway Pyramid is open daily from 10am to 10pm. Visit them at Lot F1.79 at the Blue Atrium.