4 Dishes From ‘Flour’ That Takes Your Breath Away

Josephine Tang

Floored by a real Indian meal

Introducing one of my favourite Northern Indian restaurant, Flour founded by a lovely married couple, Yogesh and Natasha. The restaurant has only been operating for less than 2 months but it has received massive reception. My friends and I are lucky enough to get a table as it is was almost fully booked.

This duo have built probably the best North Indian restaurant which Kuala Lumpur has seen in recent times. Meticulously using only fresh ingredients, most of their well prepared dishes burst with flavours. It felt like you were entering a temple of spice which could be KL’s well-kept secret.



There’s no better explanation of why Natasha, a pretty lady from Malaysia fell in love with her Indian born soulmate’s cooking. One of the dishes I highly recommend is their famous Biryani. Its immaculate taste takes you on a gastronomic joyride with a perfectly well marinated chicken. In fact, you can indulge on the fluffy rice just by itself because its that good.


Thali, a bargain meal consisting a selection of various dishes served on a platter is perfect for those who wants to try a little bit of everything. The selection may vary on daily basis but it exceeded my expectations with its fragrant basmati rice, spiced black chickpeas, dal, masala potatoes, choices of chicken or mutton, fresh yogurt and not forgetting their roti- all the nutrients you need for a day packed in this dish.



Then comes in my other favourite dish, Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) dipped with your choice of roti. Marinating chicken pieces for several hours to grilling in tandoor sauce and served in mild spiced tomato curry will give you an explosion of flavours. The acidity of tomato added to the rich curry blends perfectly.



As for the mutton lover, Lasooni Gosht serves an extremely tender meat with rich and aromatic gravy. It’s best if you wipe the whole bowl with the freshly-made sesame roti.


Of course, no meal will be complete without a perfect blend of sweetness and spiciness of chai masala served in a clay cup just like how the Indian practices back in the old days.

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