The Gourmet Trilogy of Malaysia’s World Class Chef


WAN in a million!

In the world of culinary excellence he is fearless and he’s an icon of Asian food culture as well as heritage. He electrifies elements of a top chef by establishing his ways of innovating a legendary legacy of Asian food encyclopaedia which reads treasures of recipes. Well recently, he has added a feather to his cap. Datukship was accorded to this highly esteemed personality of Malaysia. Hence Fork is honoured to present this very special guest Datuk Redzuawan Ismail aka Chef Wan as he is affectionately known.

Before Chef Wan started his culinary journey almost 30 years ago, some of you may not know but his first career was an accountant at a bank for 7 years and over decades, he’s been a constant on television in Malaysia which includes  and around the world on cable network. Enjoys cooking for his family at a very young age which mostly consist of Malay delectable dishes, nothing delights Chef Wan more than sharing his culinary passion and technique, while throwing in a history lesson from time to time.


His talents range from chef, author and actor to TV host and publisher which has lead him to receive numerous awards for his cook books and craft which includes Le Mazille Prix Lifetime Jury Award for his dedication towards promoting Asian cuisine to the rest of the world. Food is all about making people happy as it began from his passion for cooking and entertaining. He believed its a universal gastronomical language that communicates to everyone to talk about their countries and culture.


The eldest amongst his seven siblings, his entrepreneur spirit was already seen at the age of 12 confidently suggesting to his mother to make nyonya cakes and he would canvas for sale despite his age. Of course everyone wanted to know what made him switched from an accountant to cooking. It all comes down be able to cook with great joy and the passion to challenge one’s creativity that diners will appreciate and compliment.

It wasn’t easy to be where he’s at now without going through the long challenging hours and the exhausting journey in accumulating the experience to gain recognition in the industry. Perseverance, efficiency and leadership are all basic qualities you’ll need of being a successful chef but what most chefs are missing out in this modern era are marketing, customer and public relations which are the new norms to be truly on top of his or her game.

The Maley Mail
The Maley Mail

According to Chef Wan, being inspiring to others overcomes it all and it sustains him till this very day in his career. And to end this great life recipe, success only comes when you inherit the passion to achieve what you set out to do and along way finding happiness and fulfilment.