1,650 Years Old Wine Remains Unopened In Germany, Sparks Debate Among Historians

The extremely rare artifact of 4th century wine is placed at Palatinate Museum

The oldest wine in the world, known as the Speyer wine, or Romerwein, has been debated by historian whether it should be opened or remain closed.

The extremely rare wine, aged 1,650 years, was remained unopened since it was found at the Roman noblemen graveyard in Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany back in 1867, caused a stir among archaeologists and historian back then.

It’s been said that the noble owner, believed to be a high ranking Legionnaire, was buried with the bottle of wine, an ancient custom which represents the Romans’ beliefs in the afterlife.

The glass amphora has handles in the shape of dolphins and is sealed with wax.

One-third from the content in the bottle is olive oil, which in the past was used as a preservative that prevented the wine from oxidized.

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