5 Staycations To Visit For A V-Day Getaway

As Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, many couples would be planning a getaway weekend to celebrate the special day. Some couples wouldn’t just want to stay in an airbnb or hotel for the entire weekend.

Hence, for these couples who would like walks on the beach or a tracking through a forest or just want a change of scenery from the busy city, we at Fork have selected 5 places for couples to spend their Valentine’s Day weekend.

Of course since we specialize in food and eatery, the places we’ve chosen have a multitude of restaurants or hawker stalls so here we go.


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On the outskirts of the historical city of Malacca, there a lot of fisherman’s village that serve fresh seafood. Places like Umbai and the Portuguese Settlement are famous for the seafood and local cuisine. Squids, prawns, crabs, cockles and fish are cooked just a few minutes after they arrive off the boat


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At the Settlement, you can get an authentic Devil’s Curry – a traditional Serani dish. Also, a lot of sightseeing and shopping for couples to visit. 


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A good place to spend time with your partner if you are the type to enjoy seaside activities. If you’re looking for a more intense activity especially for couples who do Iron Man or Viper challenges and such of, you can head to Bukit Jugra for thrilling hike, which is a 8km drive from Morib Beach.


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As for food picks, there are several seafood restaurants within Morib Beach’s vicinity but the most popular one is Golden Sea Restaurant which is just a 5 minute drive away to Tanjung Sepat.


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Or take a 10 minute drive to Restoran Assam Batu, which serves fresh seafood and vegetables.


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Frasier Hill has always been tourist destination so you might find it a bit crowded during the weekend as it about an hour drive from KL. However, the popularity is due to the serenity of the green mountains that are covered by the clouds, making Fraser Hill a place to escape from the stresses of the daily working class life.


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Couples can spend together walking through beautiful gardens and forest trails, while taking memorable Instagram worthy pics. For a sweet and romantic dinner, head to Aida Daniya, which serves British influenced setting, delicacies and dishes.


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Another tourist attracting getaway is Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan. Famous for its beaches, especially the ones within the Teluk Kemang area. So couples might find it to be a bit too crowded for a couple’s quiet time together by the beach. Still, there are other activities that couple can do such as hiking and jungle trekking.


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What Teluk Kemang is known for is “Ikan Bakar” which can be found at almost any hawker stall and restaurant. However, for a V-Day dinner, why not take a 5 to 10 minute drive to Nasi Kukus Ayam Panggang Cowboy. The restaurant is famous for its roast chicken served with steamed white rice, and the open air ambiance but you need get there early as the restaurant closes at 9pm.



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The capital city of Perak is rich in culture and history. There are so many sites to visit that there’s a high possibility that you cannot complete your itinerary on one day. Just along Concubine Lane, there is the Yasmin Ahmad Museum which showcases the works of the late Yasmin Ahmad, from her corporate commercials to her feature length films.


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In terms of food, you have to the roti telur goyang and nasi ganja at the Yong Suan Coffee Shop located in the city centre. Aside from that, Concubine Lane has rows of hawker stalls that serve the famous Ipoh dish, Ipoh Hor Fun. This is an absolute MUST TRY!!


So these are our choices for places to spend Valentine’s Day Staycation. Do you guys agree it? Are they other places you would recommend? Or did we miss something about the places we’ve chosen? Do share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment section below.



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