5 Food Franchises You Didn’t Know Were Malaysian

Food franchises are a huge part of the food culture in Malaysia, and most of them are chains that have been imported from foreign countries, However, the 21st century has seen a growth in local franchises. Yet, not many Malaysians are aware of these local franchises, even if you have probably dined in one of their outlets.

Here are 5 franchises that you probably did not realize were local.



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This franchise was started by a young group of entrepreneurs wanting to create an easy to grab style of food, for those who have a sweet tooth. All recipes were created by them, hence a few Malaysian touches can seen in their menu. The first store was opened at The Curve in Mutiara Damansara, and they have expanded to Cambodia.

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Despite the title, the franchise is very much local and was created F&B newbies George Ang, Dickson Low and Dr. Jeffrey Goh. They are a group of friends who wanted to startΒ a restaurant to cater to a niche market, with a casual looking dining set up. They did everything themselves when they opened their first store and they were not even thinking about a franchise. Currently, this franchise can found in most shopping malls in the country, in addition to having outlets in around Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

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Another title that may be thought as foreign but once again, it is a Malaysian franchise. The first outlet was established in 2003 at Taman Melawati. Currently, Sakura Kristal has outlets spread across the Klang Valley, located in various street malls and shopping malls. They served fusions of local, Western and Japanese cuisines.

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A Chinese Muslim chain with a humble start, that turned out be a well known franchise within the Klang Valley. It is the brain child of Yusoff Lau Bin Abdullah and made it’s first foothold in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Here, they serve a variety of halal Chinese dishes and they are known for their Dim Sum cuisine. Homst franchises are suitable for small groups hangouts and big family gatherings.

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courtesy of Malaysia Food & Restaurant Reviews

This franchise is owned by Apac Star Food Systems Sdn Bhd, opening their first franchise in 2008 at Jaya One. They have spread their business throughout the Klang Valley with a few outlets in Malacca and one in Johor, totaling 11 outlets within 11 years. Tappers offers Western and Hainanese cuisines, which goes well with their colonial getup. Each of their restaurants have rattan made chairs and louvered windows with grooved white panels.

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So there you have it, folks. Are they any other local franchises that we missed out on? Do you agree with our selections, or don’t? Do let us know your opinions and point of views in the comment section down below.

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