Fruit Infused Water Might Be The New Trend

Juices are off the past and they shall step inside. Enter the new liquid based fruit drink, fruit-infused water. Fresh fruits and herbs that are drowned into a jar or glass of water, then left overnight. Come the morning sun, you have a fresh fruity water that offers so much healthy benefits.

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Any self respecting Malaysian would know, the heat in our food-filled country can get CRAZY HOT!! Hence, keeping one’s self hydrated becomes a necessity and many of us carry water bottles on the go. It’s a habit instilled into us due to very Asian parenting, and bloody good one too as constantly having an easy access to water keeps us from spending 2 Ringgit a day, just get a bottle of water.

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Still, drinking simple, plain H20 can become pretty boring. So why not add some flavour to it? One of the rising trends in the West, is adding sliced or whole fruits in your water. Unlike juices that are pulpy and become slushy when left too long, fruit-infused water receives the flavour of the fruit throughout the day, as the flavour slowly seeps out, and mixing with water.

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Some of us have already have a habit of adding lemons, under the pretense that it helps lose weight. That statement might not be all true however, lemons are packed with vitamin C and if you are a person who doesn’t eat much vegetables and fruits, this drink can be a good substitute.

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I’m using the lemon water as an example to explain how fruit infused water can have multiple benefits to your health. Other fruits such as strawberries, grapes, watermelons, papayas and cucumbers (not a fruit but famous for being juices) have their own benefits as they are packed with nutritional goodness such as antioxidants, immune boosting and many others.


Therefore, why not create a habit of making fruits-infused water as part of your daily routine? Living healthy could not be more easier. If you do decide to give it a try, do let us know. Please share with us your experience. Also, if you have opinions or knowledge on this topic, by all means, say your thoughts in the comment section below.

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