What Is This Pink “K” That Has Been Flooding Social Media?

What is KEIKEU?

Apparently, KEIKEU is a new Korean dessert brand, and it’s is on its way to KL.

If you’ve been spending time on social media (like almost everybody else), you would probably had noticed a few posts of a “K” by influencers or even your friends.

So what is the K all about?

We got some info from the grapevine that the “K” stands for KEIKEU, which means cake if you write it in the Hangul alphabet form. Oh you know, the dessert we indulge during birthday celebrations and post breakup breakdowns?

But  we cannot actually confirm exactly what kind of cakes or desserts that they’re trying to promote as things are being kept on the hush-hush. However we can definitely say with all certainty, there is quiz competition being held which is called #whatisKEIKEU.

To win the competition, all you have to do is leave a comment on what you think KEIKEU is, on an instagram link (that will be updated by us). The smartest and most creative comment will win the following prizes:

First Prize: RM500

Second Prize: RM250

Third Prize: RM100

So here’s what you need to,

  1. Follow KEIKEU’s instagram (
  2. LIKE the post
  3. Comment your answer

We wanna jump on the bandwagon and try out the competition ourselves. May the most creative commenter wins!

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