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3 Little Gems in the Middle of an Urban City

We love Malaysia’s landscapes and terrains, especially its gorgeous waterfalls and lagoons. We, as city folks, rarely get the chance to get out of the city to embrace the luscious tropics and natural ambience that the rest of Malaysia offers. Though, not to fret, this urban city actually hides many gems in its reserved forests and hiking trails, not even a stone’s throw away. Take a look at these 3 little gems we found in this urban city!

1. Blue Lagoon at Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve aka Bukit Wawasan Waterfall, Puchong

Photo: @snookephotography (Instagram)

Not many city folks know about this hidden treasure except those familiar to its surrounding area. It goes off the beaten path, but once you see that diamond in the rough, it’ll be worth the journey. Head your way towards Puchong, and make a left once you see Tesco Puchong on your right. Follow the signs and you’ll shortly arrive at the Wawasan Hills trail entrance. Tip: Bring a friend who already knows the trail to the lagoon, if not, just follow the trails and your instincts! This Blue Lagoon is the ultimate gem to find!

Blue Lagoon Video: @thatcrazyamierul (Instagram)

2. Sungai Gabai Waterfalls aka Gabai River, Hulu Langat, Selangor

Photo: TrekEarth (Website)

This beauty falls right on the outskirts of our urban jungle, accessible via a one-hour drive, either by taking the B62 from Ampang, widely known as the route to go up to Ampang Lookout Point, or the B52 from Cheras,. Just follow the signs and you’ll be amazed at how fun the place actually is. Many goers enjoy sliding down the slippery rocks as the current flows down at one point of the waterfalls. While other trekkers have even found a deep hidden pool at a higher part of the waterfalls. Tip: Make sure to be careful while sliding down or unearthing new treasures! Gabai River offers trekkers a great reward after the journey of getting there.

Sliding down Video: @aiman_rafa (Instagram)
Deep hidden pool Video: ADAMN HARMAIN (YouTube)

3. Bukit Saga Waterfalls aka Ah Pek Hill Waterfall, Ampang, Selangor

Photo: @sleecy (Instagram)

Bukit Saga Waterfalls and Ah Pek Hills Waterfalls are two different waterfalls, yet fall in the same area as each other, giving travellers double the reward and satisfaction of reaching up to the summit and waterfalls. The journey up is moderately difficult, even going through steeper trails as you reach the waterfalls. But boy, oh boy, once you hear the flowing currents running down the rocks, it is a breath of fresh air! Enjoy taking a refreshing soak under the cascade, about seven metres high. The journey requires you to head on over to Cheras, and you can choose from two entrances, either following the Bukit Saga trail or the Ah Pek Hill trail. They are both Waze-able, and most hikers will start from the Ah Pek trailhead as it has easier climbs than its counterpart. Tip: Wear proper gear and attire, and be ready to face windy, steep climbs to reach these waterfalls. It will take roughly half a day just to hike through the terraneous trails.

Bukit Saga Waterfalls Video: @irenechinup (Instagram)
Refreshing soak under the cascade Video: @ahmadhas2 (Instagram)
Ah Pek Hill trail Video: M H (YouTube)

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