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5 Best Eats at The Famous Rasta TTDI

Number 1 might be too hot for you to handle

If you’ve hung around TTDI area, you’d realise that Rasta has gone through a series of changes. From being the go-to hangout place, to a vapers’ hub, Rasta is still standing strong despite its ups and downs.

But the crowd is back at the compound again after a few eateries have called Rasta its home. So this is the 5 best eateries at Rasta TTDI.

1. Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus

Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus is no stranger to the limelight. Their social media debut video garnered over a million views on Facebook and has since given the opportunity for the owner to expand its business up to the streets of TTDI. Ayam Gepuk is hot; maybe a bit too hot for your liking so make sure you choose the right level of hotness.

2. Warung Isabella

Drenched with controversy, Warung Isabella’s name was on every foodie’s radar for a lot of reasons – both good and bad. Despite its’ past history, the Warung, which is owned by Amy Search’s daughter Nabila Huda, stood tall through it all and has never stopped serving its fans good fried seafood.

3. Restoran Nasi Ulam Cikgu

If you’re an avid Kelantanese food lover, this is the place to be. Restoran Nasi Ulam Cikgu serves authentic Kelantanese food and it’s always full during lunch time. It’s signature Budu is to die for, the Cikgu has since sold thousands of Budu bottles ever since its launch. You can expect all your favourite Kelantanese cuisines – nasi campur, belacan, ayam goreng, ulam-ulaman and budu, at the highest quality here.

4. Nasi Briyani Muar Legend

Behold! The legendary Nasi Briyani Muar is finally in KL and luckily for TTDI folks, its at Rasta. Chef Hakim is a famous culinary figure in Muar and has since established himself as one of the pioneers in nasi briyani-making in the state. The newly-added stall is now serving high volumes of nasi briyani everyday and you can bet you’d want Muo after one bite!

source: pa_patin

5. Papatin

Another new kid in town. Papatin is originally from Temerloh Pahang, bringing the best of the town can offer: tempoyak ikan patin. Their Ikan Patin isn’t just regular fish — they source them from passionate Temerloh fishermen who only breed good quality Ikan Patin. With a variety of dishes, Papatin fits in perfectly with the heavy-hitters at Rasta.

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