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5 Instagrammable Cafes To Take Your ‘Gram Game Up A Notch

As Malaysians, we are total foodies. In fact we are born as foodies – we could have a whole conversation discussing dishes, cafes, hidden gems that serves absolutely delicious meals!
And as of recent, we’ve adopted a new habit and love towards our food…who else lets their phone eat their food when it arrives? Possibly even take a million and one selfies, outfit of the day, “candid” not so candid pictures with your favourite group of friends while waiting for your food to arrive – Well we’d only be lying if we said we don’t

Hence why we’ve carefully picked out 5 instagrammable cafes that serve amazing food and is absolutely Insta-Worthy!

1. Wicked Pancake Parlour


Step into this wicked pancake parlour for everything sweet and savoury you can think of. Serving the fluffiest and yummiest pancakes known to mankind – with a variety of flavours, not only will your taste buds get an absolute treat but so will your instagram feed! Their dishes are carefully put together, and plated perfectly featuring a wide range of condiments. The cafe’s ambiance mimiks a witch’s den, through a much less evil and spooky way. A must try is their pandan layer cake and ice cream floats, a taste of childhood and local goodness.

2. Jibby & Co.


Jibby & Co instantly became one of Subang’s most ravishing restaurants, located just outside of Empire Shopping Gallery it’s been booming ever since the first day. With a menu that is ambitious, it’s a melting-pot culinary infused with influence from the city of Australia. Offering signature baked eggs which is all types of perfectly gooey, creamy pasta and satisfying burgers, you’d want to snap each dish! Giving off a rustic yet green vibe, it has a fresh ambience that makes you want to start your day early and end your night with a family dinner – popularly known for their long table upstairs, share laughter over their platters of goodness.

3. Pokok KL


Pokok has became a huge hype to dine at, designed with a simple yet aesthetic theme highlighting it’s glass exterior from floor to ceiling all the way up to the rooftop be prepared to dine in a glass house. This cafe is will hit your brunch cravings like no other and make all your instagram followers jealous over your food, serving their own western take of brunch they just had to incorporate the famous malaysian dish; nasi lemak as well! Plus point of this cafe? The natural light that travels across the glasses during daytime is phenomenal, giving off a calm and glowing vibe which is perfect for your insta feed!

4. Breakfast Thieves


By now you’ve already seen this cafe on your instagram, aside from the absolutely delicious food and coffee yes this is where the legendary step of stairs are at. Breakfast thieves flew all the way from Melbourne to Malaysia, Co-founders made the decision to bring over this delicious joint to spread the love of food to the public of Kuala Lumpur, sticking to the true origins of the industrial-chch themed cafe in melbourne. Serving modern Australian cuisine with a touch of Asian influence, like the melbourne original, this is a daytime-only eatery and the open space provides a nice relaxing environment – perfect to sip on a cup of coffee with loved ones.

5. Merchant’s Lane Cafe


We just had to add this to our top 5 list of course – a hidden gem in chinatown! Offering a quiet getaway from the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur, you’d feel like you were transported to a whole new place. Giving off total vintage vibes, their instagram perfect interior features an exposed ceiling; I mean who doesn’t love fresh air? Several custom-made rattan furniture and wooden flooring, highlighting colourful flowers and plants. Serving hand-crafted teas and coffees as well as fusion-style brunches and desserts, you’re in for a real treat. Sip away on your beverage and snap away!

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