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5 Ramly Burger Stalls You Have To Visit At Night

Jackson Burgers

If you’re from PJ, then chances are that you’re familiar with Jackson’s Burger. The Jackson couple has been flipping burgers for over 40 years, and their little burger truck is still going strong. There’s nothing truly fancy about their burgers, no secret recipes whatsoever. But the Jacksons know how to prepare a simple burger, good enough for a Super Sunday match.

Lepak Corner

There’s not much going on in Shah Alam to be honest, but SA City peeps definitely know how to enjoy their Ramly burgers. There’s technically a burger stall at almost every corner of a shoplot area, and do you know who rules all of them corners? Lepak Corner. Buns, patty, vegetables and a secret mix of sauces, Lepak Corner makes sure that their corner, is the only corner you’re bound to ‘lepak’ at.

D’New Burger SS15

D’New Burger SS15 isn’t exactly new… but every new SS15 tourist needs to try this stall’s tantalizing street delicacy. Seared buns, dressed with melted cheese and thick patties, D’New has been making students and gamers in SS15 happy ever since it first opened up shop as a food truck. Try their lamb burger, it’s worth the try!

OM Burger

OM Burger is known to make the greasiest burgers in town, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Because judging by the lines and the sold out signs, the people of KL love that about OM Burger, and they can’t have enough of it. OM has been there for almost a decade, so you know that the stall is experienced enough to be consistent. Try their hotdogs while you’re at it, too!

Brader John

Brader John is a legend at Uptown Damansara, but how can he not be, really? Technically you need to wait around 30 minutes to get your hands on his signature burgers — even if you call and book before hand. His burgers are memorable: juicy patties, crusty buns, mustard, BBQ sauce, chili powder and a ‘secret sauce’, made by John himself.

Photo by VKEONG

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