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5 Sweet Dessert Joints To Try in Shah Alam

Cake Jalan Tiung

If it’s not for its crowded space, Cake Jalan Tiung could’ve been the Kokomo for cake lovers in Shah Alam. Located in Section 9 (above Ani Sup Utara), Cake Jalan Tiung bakes their cakes fresh daily as the counters will be empty on the same day — during work hours! 

Shah Alam people are crazy over Cake Jalan Tiung, I mean how can they not? The joint serves a killer Teh Tarik cake, and a Bandung cake creamy enough for wedding ceremonies.

Cendol Durian Shah Alam

The legendary Cendol Durian Shah Alam once hosted a line that’s longer than the whole food court’s diameter. On top of that, you had to wait for over 30 minutes for your bowl of cendol durian!

Those days are gone, but the taste is as good as it was before. You can choose the type of durian to be included in your cendol, or you can choose to be weird and add gummy bears in it.


What is Keikeu you ask? Keikeu is a new Korean dessert chain that’s popular for their variety of colourful treats. What’s interesting about the brand is that instead of buying one dessert at a cafe price, you can get a box of full of them by spending about the same amount! 

You can choose from cakes, cupcakes, chouxs and even macarons. We’d like to suggest for you to try the Korean Ube, their best-seller!


KUeH is a wonderland for traditional dessert lovers. Why? Because it has a wide array of different traditional desserts, served in buffet style. Some of the desserts available are quite difficult to find anywhere else, but since the demand for Minum Petang delicacies are pretty strong in Shah Alam, the cafe owner has more reasons to bring out the rare ones.

Scoops Ice Cream Parlour 

The once-dead street of Tengku Ampuan Zabedah B, is now alive again with the presence of modern cafes and eateries. Started with Foodsbury, Kopi MEO, and now the latest addition to the street’s list of attractions: Scoops Ice Cream Parlour.

Scoops is an American-themed dessert parlour, with all its ‘MURICA pink stripes and diner-like design. The store is located right beside its brother-brand, Hermanos, and is now giving Basket Robbins’ a run for their money.

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