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A Dish Fit for Royals

But Enjoyed by All

In little corners around Kuala Lipis, Pahang, there is said to be a dish intentionally concocted for a king; Nasi Kebuli. It got its name not from someone who was being bullied, but rather from an event said to happen just a few decades ago. The word “Kebuli” is a pseudo acronym for the Malay term, “Ke Bawah Duli”. A phrase used only when referring to the royalty. Specifically, the Sultan.

According to local history, this dish was introduced in 1944, when the Sultan of Pahang at the time, Almarhum Sultan Ahmad Shah went to Kuala Lipis. While taking a break, he stated his desire to eat a dish made from ayam kampung. A local chef named Hussin, then prepared the dish and presented it to the Sultan, who took a liking to it. To commemorate the event, the dish was given its name Nasi Kebuli.

The ayam kampung is marinated with turmeric powder, black pepper, ginger, red onions, lemongrass, a few other ingredients for about 4 hours. The rice itself is prepared by adding the chicken stock into the mix. The result is something that we imagine to be fit for royalty!
We would love to try this royal dish soon! Care to join us?

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