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A Leaping Promotion for Feb babies at Keikeu this Feb 29!

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This month is extra special… because there’s one extra day! Yes, comes around once every FOUR years, it is the time where Leap Year babies are stoked over their birthdays. With Feb 29 rolling out soon, what’s a birthday without D-E-S-S-E-R-T-S?

BUT this promo we’re talking about… is not just for leaplings! Calling out ALL Feb babies, make the most out of your B-Day celebrating it with Keikeu!

Known for its “instagrammable” sweet treats, this “cupcafe” offers delumptious desserts ranging from cupcakes, cakes, macarons, cookies, eclairs, cream puffs and even refreshing fruit teas.

And here’s the fun part — Keikeu celebrates YOU with giving away 29% off your purchase on this Feb 29!

Treat yourself to Little Mermaid and Unicorn cupcakes, these dazzling vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icings are impossible to resist. Not to mention… they look as good as they taste.

Those who fancy some twist on your sugary treat, try out this “Malaysianise” sirap bandung flavoured cupcake with bandung frosting and drizzle. Just ask for Pastel Bandung cupcake and you’re good to go!

BUT before that, have a tea-riffic birthday with its fruit tea series. Think of the sweet, tart and exotic taste, the Passionfruit Fruit Tea is SO refreshing and thirst-quenching (It’s Fork-approved btw)

We hope your special day brings you all those cupcakes you desire. Happy birthday! 🎂✨

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