Ayam Gepuk and 5 Places To Get Spicy Chicken


KOTAK SS15 is located on the same street as their fierce butter chicken rivals, the original Gold Chili. Despite Gold Chili’s name, Kotak SS15 serves spicier dishes, especially since KOTAK uses ghost pepper chili in their ayam geprek products. Their dishes have a few levels of spiciness, so if you’re not confident in giving the ghost pepper sambal a try, maybe start with Level 1!

NeNe Chicken

The only fast food entry in this list. NeNe Chicken is a korean-themed fried chicken restaurant that has gained the trust of both korean food fans and fried chicken fans. Their Freaking Hot Fried Chicken deserves to be in the list – simply because it’s both hot and delicious, and not just spicy for the sake of marketing.

3 Budak Gemuk

3 Budak Gemuk went viral after the ordering line almost disrupted traffic at Sri Hartamas. Famous for their ayam kicap and sambal cili gesek, the spiciness of the dish is known to linger in your mouth for quite some time. This is because they use three different chili for their sambal: Vietnamese chili, Thai chili and Kampung chili. Yikes!

Tempat Makan Lesehan

Tempat Makan Lesehan isn’t a popular joint due to its location that’s a bit far from the foodie radar. But they serve chicken and sambal that’s so hard, they called it Nasi Bergaduh, which translates to ‘rice that makes you want to fight’ (how scary is that?). Their sambal isn’t your average gesek sambal because Tempat Makan Lesehan uses a different recipe from Jogjakarta.

Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus

The OG himself, Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus. The stall first went viral last year and the hype train has not stopped chugging ever since. Like the other restaurants, Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus serves its ayam sambal geprek in three levels: Biasa, Pedas and Extra Pedas — but frankly, even the Biasa is ‘luar biasa’, so if you’re not ready for campfire, don’t order a bushfire!

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