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Here Are 5 Best Places To Eat Whenever You’re In Ipoh

Yong Suan (Nasi Ganja)

Everytime you come to Ipoh, you have to try Yong Suan. It is similar to what Nasi Kandar is to Penang, and Laksa Sarawak is to, well, Sarawak. Yong Suan will serve you a plate of rice with curry, fried chicken, salted egg, and their prized chutney sambal. The chutney sambal is the lauk that makes Yong Suan the household name that it is today.

 Fret not, there’s no ‘ganja’ in Nasi Ganja (right…?).

NON HALAL: Lou Wong vs Ong/Onn Kee Chicken Rice duel

The decade-long rivalry between Lou Wong and Ong/Onn Kee chicken rice has benefited chicken rice fans nationwide as the two will always try their best to compete against each other, which has resulted in the production of stellar plates of steamed chicken rice. We can’t truly decide which one is better, so you need to try them yourself!

NON HALAL: Sin Yoon Loong for the original white coffee

If you’re eager for something non-rice, Sin Yoon Loong serves a killer wantan mee with char siew, or if you’re more of a siew yoke person, the Uncle and Auntie at the front side of the shop sells juicy and flavourful siew yoke that can be paired with your noodles. But most people are here for the white coffee, because for over 80 years, Sin Yoon Loong has been consistent with their brew. Wanna taste the original Ipoh white coffee? This is the place!

Restoran Tasik Raban

You might have heard about some of the places in this list, but I can bet you if you’re not from Perak, or don’t really know Perak that well, I can assure you, this place will not come up on your radar. Restoran Tasik Raban is a hidden gem that serves traditional Malay food from ikan bakar, ayam bakar, up to Perakian dishes like tempoyak and sambal tempoyak.

New Hollywood

This place needs no introduction whatsoever, because New Hollywood is the perfect breakfast place for all walks of life in Ipoh. The restaurant was built to be similar to a Chinese coffee shop, but it’s open for everyone because it’s halal. When you’re here, make sure you order the wantan mee, the yong tau foo, and the dim sum!

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