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“Crunch” Your Sweet Tooth with YoCrunch!

There are so many reasons to LOVE yogurt. It’s nutrient-rich yet convenient! Yogurt gets its flavour by combining fermented milk with various ingredients including… bacteria species! BUT bored of some plain old yogurt? Fix up your morning, or afternoon, or evening with YoCrunch instead.

YoCrunch just landed in Malaysia recently and everyone raves about it. Feeling FOMO over it, we went to check out what it’s all about.

Photo: YoCrunch (Website)

If you want to snack on something healthy yet a lil’ sinful, YoCrunch yogurts are packaged together with crunchy mix-in toppings… and we all KNOW the “flava”. The range is from Twix to Chips Ahoy! to M&M’s to Snickers to Oreo!

Photo: Fork

Topped with cookie pieces in a gummy caramel and milk chocolate, YoCrunch with Twix is a definite must-try. It’s a sweet twist to get your cravings fixed! OR try out the ultimate duo of YoCrunch with Kellogg’s. It’s a strawberry low-fat yogurt with natural flavours and Kellogg’s granola (yummm!)

These COOL yogurt can be spotted at Ben’s Independent Grocer in Kuala Lumpur now!

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