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Fix Your Breakfast with the All-New Burger King Breakfast Menu

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Burger King Malaysia has lived up to its name with its new breakfast menu featuring three “kingwiches”. If you don’t know what kingwich is, fret not. Kingwich is a Burger “King” breakfast sandwich, hence… the name. Catchy huh? Kudos on that BK!

This breakfast menu ranging from RM3.00 to RM4.50 is the ideal selection to “eat breakfast like a king” (without burning a hole in your wallet).


We start off with Beefacon Kingwich. This Kingwich is IT. Priced at RM4.50, it has a signature combination of creamy mayo, beef bacon, egg, and American cheese. Just the right meal to start your day off!


Next on the menu is Chicken Strips Kingwich priced at RM3.90. You can never go wrong with chicken! Most Malaysians we know (at least we are) love chicken and this Kingwich consists of chicken strips, egg, and cheese sauce. Perfection.


If you are a regular at Burger King, you would notice that they replaced Mushroom Swiss Kingwich with Cheesy Chili Egg and Onion Kingwich. Burger King introduced this hot mess recently. Cheese, chilli, egg and onion for RM3? Count us in!

You can also add up RM2.50 to your big breakfast for a selection of drinks such as Americano, Hot Chocolate, and Tea.


And… that’s the end of it, for now. If you’re thinking of breakfast, just head to the nearest big ol’ BK serving them up till’ 12pm daily.

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