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For The Love Of Cheesecakes and Japanese Food: The Tokyo Restaurant

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The ambiance of the restaurant is amazing. Upon entering you can feel the zen in the room with the lighting and well-decorated interior that has the reminisce of a nice hip restaurant in New York. A well-furnished restaurant with neat leather sofas and an elegant bar making it a nice place to bring a date, special functions with a family or a business dinner to impress your boss and a client. We love a place that will set the mood for food! The place has an urban fancy setting that gives the impression we are about to have a gourmet experience!

The Famous 6th Avenue Cheesecake

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This restaurant is famous for its burnt cheesecake called 6th Avenue Cheesecake which comes in two flavors which are the original Cheesecake flavor and Matcha. What makes the cheesecake a crowd-pleaser is due to its soft and silky consistency that will melt in your mouth. The dessert is paired with a side of whipped cream for added richness. Great for tea time or as an after-dinner dessert. On a side note, this dessert is quite rich therefore better to be shared with someone as eating it alone can be quite filling.

Located at Lot 10, in the streets of Bukit Bintang this restaurant can be crowded at times due to the strong demand for their cheesecake, so it is encouraged for you to plan the day ahead or make a reservation to have a comfortable dinner here or for their cheesecakes. However, this will also let you know that their cheesecakes are really good, not just a word of say.

Grilled Lamb Saikyo Miso Style

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If you are looking to have a main course, a few menus that are recommended here is their Grilled Lamb Saikyo Miso Style that is grilled to perfection, marinated with Saikyo sauce, vegetables, and Japanese Chimichurri.

Apart from that, if you are craving lobsters and feeling fancy you can try the Herbed Bread Crumbed Baked Lobster. For a Japanese fusion, you can try the creamy Mentaiko pasta, a dish that is prepared with calamari, mentaiko paste, shiso leaf, nori seaweed, dried anchovy, and yuzu pepper.

Apart from that, what is a Japanese restaurant without sushi? There is an array of sushi selections to choose from with unique flavors and they are beautifully plated for you.

Herbed Bread Crumbed Baked Lobster

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Mentaiko Pasta

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California Roll, Unagi Roll with Salmon Ikura Roll

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There are other wonderful dishes here too, and they are delicious to each their own. Apart from that, the foods are incredibly presentable which makes them very Instagram-worthy food shots.

A cool place for lovely Japanese food and delicious cheesecakes, with a fusion of Western. But remember, plan your day ahead and book a table to enjoy a wonderful evening here.

Address: Level 4 LOT 10 Shopping Center, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

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