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Healthy Food: Are Malaysians Changing Their Eating Habits?

First of all, the title might be a bit misleading. Our team have just had nasi lemak prior to writing this article. Heh.

But still, there HAS been a rise in Malaysian’s perception towards healthy food.
Unprocessed foods like Caesar salad, Greek salad, poke bowls are increasingly becoming more popular among Malaysians who are conscious about their eating habits. Other healthy foods such as oats are also becoming a breakfast choice for some people. From a survey conducted by Kantar, a Worldpanel, an international body that specializes in consumer insights, oats are coming through at number three most preferred breakfast among Malaysians.

Could it be possible that the day where Malaysians fully advocates healthy diet lifestyle is drawing closer? We will think of this as we munch on our, err, fresh avocadoes.

What do you think?

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