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How To Prep Healthy Meals – Tips & Tricks For Beginners

We all know Malaysian food isn’t healthy for us; just look at our options! Butter chicken, Ramly burgers, Banana Leaf – it’s not exactly the best kind of food to be eating on a daily basis, especially not if you’re trying to lose weight or cut down on carbs.

It’s great that as a nation we are becoming more conscious of what we put inside our tummies. Never before have there been so many great resources for health-conscious people.

We understand the stresses of having to meal prep to get healthy or save some money. But fear not! Here are some easy tips & tricks to make your meal prepping a lot smoother and easier so you can live that healthy life you deserve!

1. Remind yourself not to get too overwhelmed

People often get too focused in the details when in fact you should stick to the basics first!

2. Don’t try to add too many things

Don’t incorporate too many new things at once. For example, don’t go and research 15 recipes and attempt to do them all in one night. Our advice is to start with 1 or 2 at first and experiment with the recipes by adding/removing things so that it’s tailored to your needs and wants.

3. Pick a day

Pick a day to prep all your meals. Our advice is usually to do it on the weekends (Sunday is the best day), but for beginners perhaps it’ll be better to stretch it out to both days so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

4. Prep things you want to eat

If you don’t like certain veggies like cauliflower or salads, don’t think you’re suddenly going to feel the urge to eat it once you’ve put them in your meal prep! Only add things that you’re certain you’re going to eat and enjoy eating.

5. Think about how you’ll reheat food

Will you only have access to a microwave during your mealtime, or can you use a stovetop or oven? Consider recipes that you can also enjoy cold so you don’t risk damaging fats and proteins in your food as well.

6. Get high-quality storage containers

Using quality food storage containers will keep your meal prep food hot (or cold). Thermal ones are great for doing that. Glassware is also a good solution as well, however they’re not as effective as keeping food warm throughout the day.

7. Prep balanced meals

This really depends on your diet and health goals, but make sure you plan balanced meals that will keep you satisfied. Make sure you get enough of the food groups in every single one of your meal to get the most out of them!

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