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‘It’s London Baby!’: The Best Places For Fish & Chips In KL

Everyone loves a good fish & chips! It’s a classic & indulgent meal. After all, our colonizers have eaten this dish & brought it to us as well to share the deliciousness. While on paper it may seem like an easy dish to execute, in reality, that’s far from the truth. There can be a ton of things that can go wrong in a fish & chips; we think it comes down to three things: (1) the freshness of the fish (2) the batter & (3) the chips.

We’ve tried many, many fish & chips in the past so it’s safe to say we’ve definitely had time to weed out the bad from the truly good. Here’s our list of top 5 best places to eat fish & chips in Malaysia.

1. Cor Blimey British Fish & Chips

When we think of great fish and chips, we think of Cor Blimey, hands down. Their fish fillets are lightly fried in five unique batter flavors until crispy golden brown on the outside.

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Our favourite would be their Atlantic Cod Fish as it comes with a tender texture & mild flavor. Their chips are crispy and perfectly fried and paired with some sour-savory tartar sauce. All you need for a bangin’ good fish & chips!

Their mushy peas paired alongside their fish dishes are amazing – it has a bit of mint inside, which is great for that freshness & coolness factor.

2. The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar

This place has been open for more than a decade here in the heart of KL, so we were expecting nothing but the best – and it definitely did not disappoint!

This fish & chips specialist offers a variety of different types of fish dishes. You can opt for your fish to be fried or grilled, however you prefer. But their fried fish and chips is nicely battered, paired with chunky, hand-cut fish and chips that are crispy on the outside and soft inside. Their batter is thick and crunchy, perfect for those who like that kind of fish crust.

The interior is very reminiscent of a small English pub, all down to the dark wood furniture and chalk board menu – the best ambience to enjoy a classic pub dish.

3. Botanica + Co

While Botanica + Co is not exactly known for their fish & chips, we’re here to tell you that it definitely should be! Their star performer on the menu is exactly that.

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Their fish and chips consist of two large fillets of perfectly-cooked fresh halibut and they coat their fishes with a light and crispy batter – the perfect balance to bring out the light flavors of the fish without overpowering the fish with a denser batter. Paired together with a generous mountain of steak fries, this fish and chips is definitely one to watch out for!

4. Munching Mob

Munching Mob is a contemporary cafe located in Bukit Jalil. While its menu has a couple of dishes worth trying, its fish & chips definitely triumphs above all else.

It is an incredibly satisfying dish to dig into; their flaky and tender fish is swathed in a savoury, light and crispy batter and served with fries on the side. It also comes with some tangy tartare sauce to bring the entire dish together. All in all, it’s classic, simple and great dish to enjoy anytime of the day.

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