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KFC’s Green Chili Crunch Similar to Ayam Gepuk?

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Malaysia’s favourite fried chicken joint, KFC, just recently released a new seasonal product: Green Chili Crunch.

KFC’s previous chili product, which was the Ghost Pepper Zinger Burger, was a success as the dish was widely celebrated on social media, that converted to actual sales in KFC’s local stores. Same cannot be said for their other seasonal products, notably the Truffle Crunch and the Gochujang.

With the fact that the Ghost Pepper Zinger Burger was a hit, KFC put forward plans to produce the Green Chili Crunch.

Coincidentally, Malaysia is celebrating a new foodie phase: Ayam Gepuk. Ayam gepuk or ayam geprek, is originally an Indonesian dish that was brought over and improvised to suit the Malaysian palate. Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus, one of the more successful stalls to produce ayam gepuk, went viral earlier in the year for their crunchy chicken and irresistible green sambal.

We feel that there might be a connection between the trending Ayam Gepuk and KFC’s latest seasonal product. If it is, then KFC’s R&D team did a splendid job in delivering an innovative and relevant product to the masses.

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