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KFC’s Zinger Double Down is finally back

KFC fans, your prayers have been answered. KFC’s most celebrated seasonal item is finally back for another round of queues, shortage of supply and ‘hangry’ customers. After its long hiatus, the Double Down is still the item that fans demand the most.

The fast food giant hosted a grand Zinger Double Down giveaway to media sites across Malaysia, announcing the arrival of its prized asset once again.  This obviously started a chain of articles and reactions by influencers and media outlets, that helped KFC spread the news like wildfire.

KFC’s Zinger Double Down is essentially two spicy chicken fillets with mayonnaise and a layer of chicken crisp in between them. What’s amazing about the Double Down is that you don’t have buns to distract you from the meat — because it’s all meat.

Their latest seasonal products have been excellent so far, with the Green Chili Crunch being a crowd favourite ever since its debut release last month.

The Double Down will officially be available to the public starting from the 27th of August 2019.

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