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Look, There Are Chips In The Sea at Manhattan Fish Market

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If we’re talking about American-style seafood, your best guess is the famous Manhattan Fish Market. As you walked into the restaurant, you’ll be spoilt with its ton of food choices, not to mention its “protein”! Dory, Cherry Snapper, Red fish, Salmon Trout, shrimps and even chicken, you named it.

Manhattan is known for its Manhattan Fish n’ Chips. Who could ever say no to the the crisp golden-fried and hand-battered fish fillet served with its unique Garlic Herb sauce made from fragrant herbs, chips and a side salad. That, our friend, is what we call a WHOLESOME meal.

BUT hold your ‘fishes’, we’re not going to talk about it any further ‘cause Manhattan Fish Market has just introduced a NEW flavour for its Hand-cut Chips! We’re talking about Spicy Seaweed, Sour Cheese and Seaweed ‘N Lime to your regular chips, folks.

At only RM7 nett per flavour, Spicy Seaweed is a mix of chilli and seaweed, perfect if for a person who yearns spice in every meal! If you like “masam masam” (read: sour), Sour Cheese delivers exactly like its name, no arguments. While Seaweed ‘N Lime is made for those who crave a twist!

P/S: You can also upgrade your Manhattan Fish ‘N Chips or Sharing Platters and try this new TWIST to your chips for only RM0.50 each flavour.

So, the next time you’re feeling for fish, head to your nearest Manhattan Fish Market and try out this new add to the menu and let us know what you think!

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