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Manok Pansoh – Sarawak’s Pride and Joy

It’s Bamboo Lickin’ Good

Imagine stuffing a whole chicken into a tube of bamboo shaft. Put in some mushrooms, lemongrass and some other ingredients, wrap them in tapioca leaves, and voila! You’ll get a tasty dish of Manok Pansoh!
No one really knows the origin of this dish, but it has been widely celebrated among the Dayak community, comprising of the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu. It used to be served during festivals and celebrations, but the dish has now become a commercial delicacy that can be found commonly across the land of the Kenyalang.

As the ingredients are slowly cooked within the bamboo tube, the marinated chicken creates a unique taste as well as a smoky fragrance that can only be obtained through this cooking method.

Although Manok Pansoh is more commonly found in Sarawak, there are also a few places around Klang Valley area that serves this dish! Drop us a message if you’d want us to highlight them! 😉

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