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Nasi Can Tumpang Also Meh?

A Conical Meal for Champions

Not many would have heard of Nasi Tumpang before, especially those who don’t reside in Kelantan, where this dish originated from. The name Tumpang, translates to hitching a ride in English. This might be due to the ingredients that make up this dish are stacked on top of one another, as if they are hitching on each other’s back. How cute is that?!

Nasi Tumpang is a dish packed with a little bit of everything. A type of glutinous rice called nasi himpit is layered a combination of fish or beef floss, an omelet, and fish or shrimp curry. You’ll get yourself a breakfast to last you throughout a hard day at work.
According to history, this dish was prepared by farmers and travelers as their staple breakfast meals to provide energy for the day due to its packed assortments of lauk in each serving. Although there are similarities with its Indonesia’s counterpart, Nasi Tumpeng, the major difference between the two is that while Nasi Tumpang is served for breakfast, Nasi Tumpeng is mainly served during celebrations like wedding.

One thing we know, this just might be the solution for gamers as their perfect meal for long and grinding gaming sessions over the weekend.

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