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Recipe: Mix and Match Poke Bowl

Have you heard of the “chicken poke bowl” fever? It’s real. Poke bowl is a Hawaiian seafood staple, served with chunks of raw marinated fish with a serving of rice and power-packed toppings such as avocado and cucumber! It’s healthy, simple and light.

How to make a poke bowl? There are many ways to garnish your poke bowl, that’s also why it’s interesting, choosing your own selection of base to protein to mix-in and toppings!

Base of the bowl:
– Brown rice or white rice
– Mixed greens
– Quinoa
– Zucchini noodles

– Ahi tuna
– Albacore tuna
– Cooked shrimps
– Scallops
– Tofu
– Wild salmon

– Almonds, macadamia or cashew nuts
– Cilantro, dill or basil
– Fresh chillies and fresh ginger
– Kimchi
– Red onions or pickled onions
– Toasted sesame seeds

– Avocado
– Cucumber
– Edamame
– Furikake seasoning
– Fresh mango
– Grated carrots or beets
– Pomegranate
– Radishes
– Shiso leaves
– Shredded cabbage

Photo: Zomato (Website), Bonappetit (Website), Torontokosher (Website)
Photo: Zomato (Website), Bonappetit (Website), Torontokosher (Website)
Photo: Zomato (Website), Bonappetit (Website), Torontokosher (Website)

This recipe is SO simple, we don’t even need to put a digit on its instruction. Just assemble the base, proteins, mix-in and surround it with toppings of your choice. Spoon some sauce over the veggies and sprinkle with sesame seeds or chilli flakes and that’s it!

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