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Recipe: Mix and Match Yogurt Toppings

Are you a yogurt lover? Did you know that yogurt is made out of characteristic bacterial cultures? Not only is it beneficial and yummy, but yogurt also contains a high level of lactic acid that promotes healthier skin! Fun fact, people use yogurt as a moisturiser in their skincare routine. WHAT! But hey, we’re not going there further.

We’re all about food and here’s some ways you can do to customise your own yogurt by mixing up these ingredients from plain to awesome flavour!

Photo: Food Network (Website)
Photo: Food Network (Website)

Choco Mix: Chocolate bars, strawberry jam, and blueberries.
Tropicana Summer: Banana, peach, kiwi topped with roasted pecan nuts.
Mango and Fun: Mango, chocolate syrup and sprinkles of your choice.
Berry Sweet: Grapes, raspberries, vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup.
Double Chocs: Black chocolate bars, almonds, maple syrup topped with cookie crumbs.

Happy trying and let us know if you want to know more of this FUN yogurt recipe!

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