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Sending You Laksa Love: The Best Sarawak Laksa Places in KL

When it comes to laksa, it can’t be denied that Sarawak Laksa takes the take. Their celebrity status is garnered due to their exotic taste – so much so that Anthony Bourdain even deemed it as ‘Breakfast of the Gods.’

It can be difficult to find a great place in KL to get some truly authentic Sarawak laksa, but fear not! We’ve compiled a list of great Sarawak laksa places for you to visit to save you that flight to Kuching!

1. 7th Mile Kitchen @ Petaling Jaya

Run by a humble man called Alex from Kuching, his stall is located in a ground-floor shoplot in an apartment building and he serves Kuching/Sarawakian dishes such as Sarawak laksa, kolo mee & tomato mee.

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His Sarawak Laksa broth is as thick as curry, and incredibly flavorful. The laksa uses fine meehon and topped off with chicken stripes, fried egg, bean sprouts, coriander, prawns and sambal. And all of the menu items are set at coffee shop prices, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get some really good Sarawakian street food!

His recipes are deemed by Sarawakian people as authentic and as close to the real thing as you can get! As someone who was born in Kuching, this place is certainly Sarawakian-approved!

2. Aunty Christina’s Sarawak Laksa @ Bangsar

This restaurant is always packed with customers looking for some good laksa! It is one of the oldest and most well-known Sarawak laksa stalls. Aunty Christina’s laksa remains true to its origin and many have hailed it as one of the best Sarawakian laksas in the area.

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The laksa includes two decent sized prawns, strips of chicken, shredded egg, bean sprouts and some green veggies as garnish. The laksa broth is thicker than the usual laksa, but packed with lots of spices and flavor.

3. Restoran Meisek @USJ14

This place is infamous for their Sarawak Laksa stall. They offer kolo mee and Sarawak laksa, both incredibly authentic and true to its origin. The dishes are incredibly appetizing, and the laksa is served with a couple of big prawns.

Many have deemed the laksa here to be very similar to 7th Mile Kitchen, so if you’re in the Subang area this place is definitely worth a visit!

4. SALTed @ Petaling Jaya

Looking for a halal Sarawakian laksa? Look no further! At SALTed, everything here is pork-free, including the laksa. They also offer an excellent version of kolo mee too, with chicken and mushrooms.

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Many Sarawakians adore this place for even though it is pork-free, it doesn’t compromise the authentic taste of the dishes. The prices are also quite reasonable and the service is friendly.

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