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Smoked and Spiced to Perfection

Exploring Negeri Sembilan’s Best Kept Dish

Even though the haze is getting worse by the day, not all smoky things are bad. Just like Negeri Sembilan’s signature dishes that we are covering this time; smoked dishes with lemak cili padi!
Salai (smoke) anything you can think of. Chicken? Sure. Beef? Go right ahead. Mutton? Now you’re talking. Duck? AWW YESSSS! Regardless of your choice, when you’re in Negeri Sembilan, you enjoy it with the lemak cili padi.

It’s made by adding coconut milk, turmeric, lemongrass, some cili padi (bird’s eye chili), and a few other ingredients. The result is a unique gravy that is creamy, spicy (depends on how much cili padi used) and one that plays a game of tug on your taste bud with its rich taste.
The dish itself is brought by the Minangs, who originated from the highlands of Western Sumatra. The diaspora happened sometime around the fifteenth century, and they have fused their culinary traits into the local culture, resulting in the dishes the we have come to love today!

If you’re a big-time fan of this dish, you can find them across Klang Valley with some research easily!

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