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First You Get Boba Rice, Now You Get Boba Crabs!

The Boba craze is going on strong – maybe too strong, that the boba pearls are jumping out of their cups and into people’s dinner plates.

While everyone’s busy talking about how bizarre the boba rice is, a restaurant in Cheras took the time and effort to actually produce a delicious plate of boba crabs. Best part is, it is completely edible!

The viral story first came out in I Love Malaysian Food, and has since received many passionate boba lovers at their two outlets. The boba crabs are soaked with buttermilk gravy with an interesting sharp touch of peanut butter that mixes well with the chewy taste of the tapioca spheres.

The craziness doesn’t stop there: because they also serve other weird crab dishes, including, wait for it, Nestle Oreo Crabs. Yes, the snacks you enjoy why binging on Netflix shows? Yes, those oreos.

However, the restaurant has received generally positive reviews on the quality of their food – and the queue that comes with it also shows that the meals are well received by seafood fans and boba fans alike.

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