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The Story of Naan

Naan the Better, Naan the Tastier

In 1300 AD, the Indian poet and musician, Amir Khusrow, mentioned a piece of flatbread in a poem. It used to be a breakfast served for royalties and nobles. Now, however, you can find it pretty much at any mamak in your area. This is a story of none other than Naan!

The word Naan means bread in old Persian. It was originally cooked in the Imperial Court in Delhi, and it swiftly became a common delicacy for royals and nobles for their served, served with keema or kebab.

Dear God, what a breakfast that was.

Naan is typically cooked in a large clay oven called tandoor, but now you can also do it using a simple oven, making it easier to enjoy at home! You can also be creative and bake it with different toppings or fillings like garlic and butter, cheese, or whatever your naan-petite desires!

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