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The Tale of the Trader’s Rice

From a simple dish to a breakfast choice

If you live in the east cost of the Peninsula, you’ll have to agree that one of the best ways to start you day is when you’re greeted with a wholesome plate of nasi dagang for breakfast. The creamy rice is infused with coconut milk, much like nasi lemak, giving it a special creamy taste. The curry is made with ikan tongkol, a special species of tuna that can be found off the coastal areas.

But did you know that there are two different versions of nasi dagang?
The version from Kelantan uses a special type of rice known as beras dagang. The grains are longer than typical rice, and it has a unique reddish colour, which gives this version of nasi dagang a reddish-brown speck. Meanwhile, the version from Terengganu uses a combination of white fragrant rice and sticky rice. Both versions still share the same type of curry, however, so don’t be afraid if you find these two different versions. They both taste good punyalah!

The name itself comes from the fact that traders from Java, Champa and Thailand used to have this dish as their staple food. What makes this dish truly special, is that the curry is influenced by Indian tuna curry, as traders from India gave this dish with elements of their own culinary treats. This makes this dish an amalgamation of different culinary styles and culture!
To us at Fork, that’s very cool indeed!

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