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These Briyani Places Are Perfect For The Weekends

Fierce Curry House

Fierce Curry House is a popular Indian cuisine joint in Bangsar, on the same street as the Bangsar LRT. Their specialty? Lobster briyani. If the lobster briyani is a bit too expensive for you, then we’d like to recommend the usual suspects: chicken and lamb briyani. Check out their Publika outlet, ‘Fiercer’ too!

Restoran Mahbub

The OG briyani spot at Bangsar, Mahbub is responsible for the lack of parking spots along Lorong Ara Kiri 1. Restoran Mahbub serves the kind of nasi briyani that will make you sleepy, especially if you pick their ayam madu as a side dish. Ultimately, the place is perfect for you to take a bite before or after partying at Jalan Telawi — preferably after, lah.

Taste & See Bamboo Briyani

If you’re tired of the regular briyani, maybe you’d want to have fun with it at Taste & See Bamboo Briyani, where they cook their briyani in batang buluh, or bamboo. What’s interesting is that, they’d put on a good show in pouring out the briyani from the bamboo, just for you. Other than that, the curry is pretty good, too!

Restoran Tajudin Nasi Briyani

Tajudin is an influential figure in the Briyani scene. Having to run the family business for decades, Tajudin isn’t afraid to claim that his briyani rice is the best in KL, although many would beg to differ. The restaurant is relatively easy to find: from Pasar Seni station, walk straight to the Pasar Seni outdoor lane, and you’ll find Tajudin on the right.

Tengga Briyani

If Bamboo Briyani is amazing, wait until you see what these guys have for you. Tengga Briyani serves their rice, in coconuts! So you can guarantee that the briyani will be creamier than usual, and have a touch of that coconutty taste.

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