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These New Family Mart Meals Might Have You Scratching Your Heads

Family Mart is known for innovative, wacky items that are actually delicious, more often than not. Take the Mediterannean Sea Salt ice cream for instance. Creamy, blue-coloured ice cream meal that looks attractive at first glance, but let’s be real here: who would’ve thought that salt flavoured ice cream would turn out pretty good?

With that, the Japanese brand decided to put their R&D department to work and introduced a few more products, starting with:

The Korean Cheese Ramen is not bizzare, but it seems quite familiar doesn’t it? For a store that has a buffet of street food at the paying counter, this might not come as a surprise to some, or many. This dish reminds me of my college days of enjoying maggi with cheese (please tell me y’all did this too).

Then there’s the Spicy Korean Soup, that you can enjoy with a bowl of Oden. It’s just the matter of replacing the gravy, and for Korean fans, a Kimchi-based soup, enjoyed with Japanese Oden is a fusion treat waiting to be created anyway.

Finally, Dutch Lady and Family Mart joined forces to produce this crazy new line of fusion drinks: Juicy Milk. The Juicy Milk line comes in two forms: orange and strawberry, and we can’t deny, the orange one does peak out interest (especially when strawberry is already common).

What do you guys think? Would you try these?

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