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This Pizza Place in Damansara Is In Hot Demand

Aside Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza, the F&B giants that we’ve all learned to love and rely on for good pizzas, there aren’t a lot of success stories when it comes to pizza places. Mikey’s NY Pizza is doing pretty good, but the rest? It’s not easy to run a pizza parlour in a nasi lemak-favoured nation.

But for Pizza On Fire, a setup that has been around since 2017, making quality pizzas has always been their number one priority. Pizza on Fire has identified a secret that a lot of pizza vendors don’t know: Malaysians love crunchy, thin crust pizzas. The clues are everywhere: most of our popular dishes are crunchy, and with the fact that rice is our staple food, it’s a no-brainer that Malaysians prefer to cut to the chase rather than chewing through thick bread to get to the best parts.

With that information, Pizza On Fire has successfully shown that they can deliver not just delicious pizzas, but also pies that are more familiar with the tastebuds of Malaysians (instead of selling deep-dish style pizzas all the way).

Founders Izmir Abdul Hamid and Faisal Hamzah initially started their Italian journey with one store. Today, Pizza On Fire graces the sandy roads of Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, entertains football fans at South Key, Johor Bahru, and thrives at the ever-so busy outlets at both Kota Dame and Damansara Perdana.

If you’re a normal pizza fan, we’d like to recommend trying the OG Pepperoni. Baked to perfection, the pepperoni you’ll often get will be crispy as Pizza On Fire’s take on the classic is simple, but nothing less than explosive in terms of flavours and freshness. But if you’re the adventurous kind, we suggest you make your own pizza.

Ours would be the normal mozzarella cheese with blue cheese chunks, a dash of parmesan and a few slices of cheddar. For the protein, we’d put chicken pepperoni on top of beef bacon, beef salami, roast beef and smoked salmon. Finally, a sprinkle of onion, wild mushrooms and fresh basil. Now THAT is a pizza!

The pizzas are also available for delivery, if you’re in their coverage area that is. Call 60377333378 and ask for your desired pizza for lunch today!

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