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This Restaurant Serves Authentic Johor Food in Kota Damansara

Kacang pool anyone?

It’s not difficult to find Johor food in Klang Valley. But for Johoreans… the food has to be authentic enough to remind them of home.

That’s why DO EAT WITH US solves that problem for Johor people, because they serve, not only authentic Johor food, but also innovative ones too.

Starting with this thick gravy of kacang pool. Now, kacang pool is known as a mediterannean dish. By using local ingredients, Johoreans have made kacang pool a southern dish. At DO EAT WITH US, kacang pool is served with toast, onions, lime and a beautiful sunny side up. Pair it with kaw black coffee, and you’ll have a nostalgic Johorean breakfast.

Then they have this snack, that looks a lot like a coney dog at first glance – but it’s actually hot dog with kacang pool gravy on top. To spice things up, they sprinkle green chili padi on top for that hot kick. Personally, this is their best dish, simply because it’s the best of both worlds.

They also serve other types of food that may not be from Johor. Their spicy BBQ chicken that mirrors the viral spicy korean chicken is pretty good if you ask me, even though I do prefer the nasi thai green curry more.

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