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This Stall Serves Asam Pedas Shellout-Style Seafood at Sungai Buloh

As you all know, the shell-out style of seafood dining is inspired by the famous New Orleans’ cajun seafood recipes. The recipe was brought over by the owners of Shellout, who then became the trailblazer for the cajun seafood meals in Malaysia — inspired many to create and mash up their own recipes.

For IZI Stesen, it’s no easy task to replicate Shellout’s success. Hence why the owners decided to try out a different recipe, with a cooking style that locals are far too familiar with: asam pedas.

Asam pedas originated from Malacca (okay some people say Negeri Sembilan, but this claim game is never ending debate though) and has been known to be a favourite among Malaysians alongside its cousins, masak lemak and curry. To cook the Minangkabau dish is not a problem, but to perfect the recipe is another story altogether. But essentially, the dish is made of chilli, tamarind and saltwater seafood.

IZI Stesen saw this opportunity to beat their competition with an innovative product. The restaurant’s preparation of the cajun seafood dish is similar to Shellout, but instead of recreating the Shell Bang, IZI’s asam pedas proved to be a worthy contender to the iconic cajun gravy.

The restaurant also serves another unique product: siput sedut cheese. As bizarre as it sounds, it may not be as strange as you think it is, given that oysters and clams were also known to be baked with cheese. The conventional way to enjoy siput sedut is of course, masak lemak chili api or kam heong style — but this cheese-style is not as bad!

One thing for sure, IZI Stesen is a restaurant for the adventurous hearts!

ADDRESS: Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor

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