Top Five Keikeu Desserts for a Scrumptious Teatime

Get ready to become a pish posh aristocrat

Teatime is best served with scones or biscuits with a tea of your choice (ᴱᵃʳˡ ᴳʳᵉʸʸʸʸ…). There is also the option of black coffee with steamed cassava (ubi kayu) with sambal dipping, but that is a whole different game altogether.

We would like to introduce to you some extravagant condiments from Keikeu to make your teatime so pish posh you’ll be drinking tea with your pinky raised while pretending to laugh about lame weather jokes.

1. Red Belbes

If you’re a fan of red velvet, this must be your number one choice. Red Belbes is baked with red velvet flavour and topped with sultry cream cheese topping to bring out a little naughtiness to your teatime. 😉

2. Beullubelli Keikeu

Even though the name might be a little difficult to pronounce, this cutie patootie is packed with creamy blueberry yoghurt cream that envelops your taste buds with its creamy texture and mild sourness that can only be described as ‘divine’.

3. Banilla Mascapone

Banilla Mascapone’s exterior is fluffy you’ll think it’s made from clouds, and it is filled with mouth watering vanilla custard filling to bring you all the way to Keikeutopia, where all the magic happens.

4. Choco Keikeu

This is a special treat especially for all chocolate lovers. A classic chocolate enriched with scrumptious chocolate cream cheese frosting as its crown jewel. A must try for an unforgettable teatime anywhere.

5. Fluffy Strawberry Cheese

This is the most playful piece covered in this article. As you take your first bite, you’ll notice a sweet sensation coursing through your mouth. Then, a joyous creaminess greets you with its sweet, soft and caressing flavours that encapsulates your entire being as the flavours are brought together in one harmonious orchestra…just try it. You can trust us on this.

Go and visit any Keikeu outlets now and make your teatime into joyful foodgasmic experience!

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