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Walking Down Memory Lane: Five Snacks From the Ages

Get your Nostalgia Goggles Out.

Ice Gems, Aeroplane Crackers, White Rabbit Cream Candies, Choki Choki. Those are all the snacks that most of us born in the 90s to the early 2000s will be familiar with. Sneaking to go to Kedai Ah Kaw to buy some jajans, only to be caught by your mum later. Ah, the memories.

Come with us and let’s walk down the memory lane together!

1. Ice Gem

One of the most recognizable snacks among them all. Known more fondly to some as Biskut Butang (Button Biscuit) or Biskut Bunga (Flower Biscuit). You either eat it whole, or you just eat the frosted icing. No one eats just the biscuit part…right?

2. Choki Choki

Calling it chocolate heaven in a plastic tube is not an understatement. This chocolatey goodness can be gouged down in one go, and ONE tube is rarely enough most of the times.

3. Gummi Burger

The only burger you’re allowed to eat the whole thing in one go! But, let’s be real here. Don’t we all eat it by the slices?

4. Apollo Layer Cakes

The cake that defines a whole generation of kids when the ad plays on TV when Dragon Ball starts playing every weekend at 9.30 in the morning. Comes in different flavours, but they all give the same level of satisfaction, nonetheless.

5. Airplane Crackers

This bad boy is shaped like an airplane, and it’s coated with red paste, giving it a distinct and mild spicy test. Just right for budding food connoisseurs about to start their discovery of the world.

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