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What Makes a Good Nasi Kukus?

Deep Diving into Our Favorite Dishes

There are countless Nasi Kukus Ayam Rempah everywhere. But, not all of them share the same taste, despite being the same dish. So, what is it that makes a good Nasi Kukus?
The rice is typically put inside metal containers and steamed in towering stainless-steel steamers. This gives the rice its firm yet moist texture that goes perfectly with the gulai.

The gulai, on the other hand, differs with each place. Different places will put certain twists into their recipe, giving their gulai subtle differences from one another. However, the basic recipe usually includes kerisik (browned shredded coconut), jintan manis, ketumbar powder, curry leaves, chilli powder and some other ingredients that we will refrain from mentioning for the time being.
Finally, the chicken is marinated and fried to perfection. The marinate recipe also differs from one place to the other, but they must all be crispy on the outside while maintaining the meat’s tenderness inside. Put a touch of sambal belacan on the side, and you’ll have a symphony of a dish that will blow your mind with each bite.

Some places, like Restoran Ilham Nasi Kukus in Mutiara Damansara adds pineapple to their dish, that gives a surprising sweetness to the entire ensemble.
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