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Where To Get Nasi Kerabu in Damansara/TTDI?

Nasi Kerabu Lobster

Now now, we know that Nasi Kerabu is usually a common person’s meal. But that doesn’t mean we can’t go a bit fancy once in awhile, right? Nasi Kerabu Lobster offers your favourite Kelantanese rice platter with lobster, fresh out of its habitat. Nothing can go wrong with Lobster to be honest, even when you try to ‘cicah’ it with budu!


Capital is the place to be for people around the Damansara Uptown area. The price may be a bit on the high side, but the restaurant serves something different from the rest: Thai Nasi Kerabu, that they call Khao Jam. Other than Nasi Kerabu, Capital also serves a mean plate of Nasi Dagang and Ikan Tongkol, for the Dagangheads!

Nasi Kerabu Golok

Nasi Kerabu Golok Kota Damansara is as authentic as it gets: by the roadside. Kota Damansara people will never tell you of this place, because it’s the closest to Golok than any other kerabu joints in KD. The taugeh is fresh, the budu is thick, and the rice is soft and flavourful. It’s everything you’d want in a Nasi Kerabu!

Nasi Kerabu Gertak Merah

Gertak Merah, Bawah Jambatan, Kedai Mak Ngah — this place has many names, and even more customers come lunch time. It’s the go-to lunch place for the people of TTDI. It’s cheap, authentic and best part is, they serve their meals pretty fast. A plate of Nasi Kerabu with ayam goreng is only RM6 at best, and you can enjoy your meal with a glass of teh ais within the first half an hour of your lunch break. How good is that?

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