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Who Says You Can’t Be Vegan in Malaysia? Top Vegan Places To Visit in KL

Being vegan in Malaysia can be quite a challenge, especially when most of Malaysian food consists of meat. We’ve managed to compile a list of our favorite vegan/ vegan-friendly restaurants so our fellow vegans will be able to enjoy their Malaysian food without having to compromise their eating habits!

1. Sala Vegan Kuala Lumpur

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This restaurant is a haven for vegans and healthy food lovers alike! It offers hybrid dishes ranging from Mexico to Malaysia and more & shows you exactly how you can have a meatless meal by substituting with healthy favourites for that nice crunch!

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Their signature dishes are their burritos and tacos topped with textured combos such as cucumbers, cabbage, BBQ jackfruit and cilantro. They also serve a good nasi lemak with sambal tempeh, a fish-free sambal ‘bilis’ and nuts.

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The ambience of the restaurant is bright and clean, and the windows allow lots of light to shine through. Perfect for a relaxing lunch in the afternoon.

1. Justlife Café

If you’re looking for vegan, healthy & organic meals, you do not want to miss this one out! Justlife has established itself as a household name for serving organic food and eco-friendly products since it first opened in over 20 years ago.

It also holds the title as the only entirely vegan-friendly place to dine inside the mall! Customers are regular and they can order a selection of local and Western favourites.

They offer dishes such as vegan nasi lemak, pizza, noodles & dumplings.

3. LN Fortunate Coffee Malaysia Vegan Restaurant

LN stands for ‘Loving Nature’ and it is a 100% plant-based vegan restaurant, one of the few around in the KL area. It is a cozy, quiet little place to enjoy a meal alone or with a couple of friends. The owner, Jeremy, is incredibly passionate about his restaurant, which he decided to open after having a near-death experience.

We would highly recommended hand drip coffee, vegan cheese lasagne and pizza and don’t forget to try their delicious 100% plant-based ice cream.

4. RGB Coffee at the Bean Hive

This is a 100% vegetarian restaurant, though they serve a sizeable amount of unique Vegan & Gluten free dishes as well. RGB has a light menu, which is perfect for lunch, brunch and in-between meals snacks.

As the restaurant name suggests, this is also a coffee house, equipped with a wide variety of different blends. They focus on direct trade with coffee farmers.

Food and drink prices are reasonable too. Some plates are available in small or large sizes, but the small portioning option is great for adventurous people who like to try multiple dishes in one sitting. Dishes worth trying here are their pumpkin soup, broccoli salad and mango masala.

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